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The Pro Switch


The Pro Switch  

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  1. 1. Who thinks they should bring back the pro switch?

    • I do! it was way more convenient when I could bet red or green on the same page as Crash without switching to "trendball"
    • No! I love getting fucked out of my wins when the internet lags!

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Who thinks they should bring back the old pro button that used to be at the bottom of crash so you could bet on red or green

(or just pop up trendball so you can bet moon too would be a good option) on the SAME page as crash without the little switch over thing it does now (which Im not saying they need to get rid of but...) It sucks when the internet lags, and for me it always does, every time so there's not enough time to put in my bet in on crash AND bet on colors unless i have it on auto, which I hate doing and it screws up my whole game, because I have strategies and it sucks now.

good day

There is a poll at the top if you wanna vote!

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