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this is a notice, a lesson, a share of why I have become an asshole to everyone asking me for tips or loans or help or what the fuck ever... 

let me start with these things.
1.) I don't appreciate being called out for money
2.) don't fucking distract someone who is on a roll else you get the shit end of the stick where you deserve to be.
3.) I have a goal of $10,000 and i'll be damned if I don't attain that goal.
$8000 to my grandparents because they deserve much more, but its a start.
$1000 to pay bills because the pandemic fucked me out of every job, every business that I repaired their tech shit for, so my $50/hr became 0 but my bills didnt.
the US had issued Pandemic Unemployment Assistance for people like me and other facing similar difficulties.
after applying, my application was approved but my payments never appeared, my account was locked and nobody in the god damn state could give me a reason as to why. 
nor would they give me any information as to how I could go about unlocking the account and receive even a single fucking payment.
I lost my home, I lost my job, I lost my friends.. I lost everything but the clothes I had and my dog.

I've only come as far as I have becuse I am fucking diligent and refuse to ever quit when striving to reach a goal.

now... tonight, everyone was all "ooh" and "aah" because I was sharing multi-hundered dollar wins....

I was distracted for mere moments and everyting I had just built was gone.
everything but $78 dollars... that went flying out the window right after I saw what had happened..

I was 10%, almost to 20% towards the goal of being able to show thanks to the 2 people who have done more for me than anyone ever could... and to have been distracted long enough to allow such a thing to happen... well.. thats on me.

however, no... there will be no tips for anyone except those I deem worthy.

ask and ye shall not receive.
play, earn, win, be a fucking person and not a god damn rock in my boot, or anyone else's.
I'm tempted to apply to become a mod to start dropping the banhammer on your asses for whatever the maximum days could be.

take a look at this picture and tell me if you see something wrong compared to the amount of wins I had, then... after you have gone through the same and are still begging, go take a look in the mirror at yourself and ask yourself, "should I continue begging or should I do what satoshimask did and not give up." 

if you want to pull in funds, use the faucets I use to be able to afford to play to turn pennies into dollars.

faucet.thepc.club/  <- faucet

faucetpay.thepc.club/  <- place the faucet pays to. you can withdraw to BC from there.

mydream.works/  <- for those of you interested in daily residuals from TRX at 2.5% a day forever. pm me after you sign up for that and ill check my referrals to validate, once I have, i'll happily tip you some TRX to invest with. try to scam me and you'll be reported along with the rest.


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